3 Simple hairstyles #01

Hello sweethearts! Today I am sharing 3 simple hairstyles that I did in this week. If you like them enough, do let me know so that I will post a quickie tutorial video on my instagram page. As this is my first attempt on hairstyles, I am not sharing the tutorial, I am simply sharing the hairstyles. You people can always give me feedback and help me improve my posts.

Hairstyle #01

Hairstyle #02

Hairstyle #03

All the three hairstyles are super easy and take less than 5 minutes of our precious morning time. And please let me know if you liked them and want me to blog more about such posts.

P.S. I know the picture quality is pathetic because I’ve taken them myself (selfies) because I had no idea that I’ll be using them in my post, whatsoever. I promise, picture quality will be nicer, next time!

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