Nykaa haul & a love letter <3

Happiness is getting your order in less than 24 hours!! Yes, and this is a heavenly feeling. I was so impatient about getting the products and Lo! I got them within the blink of an eye. All thanks to Nykaa. And I am so in love with this website that I literally wrote a love letter to these guys for their commendable job. Continue reading “Nykaa haul & a love letter <3”


Will I repurchase? Trash Bag-Products I’ve emptied

Hello! World. As the title suggests, today I shall be discussing the products that I’ve emptied recently. Finishing up a product is an achievement in itself, for me! Because I tend to get bored in between and switch to another product and by the time I come back, most of the times, the expiry date has been crossed. So I’ve now put up a resolution of not wasting any product and emptying it right to the bottom. Continue reading “Will I repurchase? Trash Bag-Products I’ve emptied”

Mini Haul

Hello World! These days I am literally stopping myself from splurging on makeup products. I have this habbit of buying whatever I see on the counter. So, I have combined patience management and splurging management. Now I try to buy only those products that are completely essential. Based upon my new management techniques, I bought some stuff during my recent visit to Phoenix mall, Pune.  Continue reading “Mini Haul”