3 Simple hairstyles #01

Hello sweethearts! Today I am sharing 3 simple hairstyles that I did in this week. If you like them enough, do let me know so that I will post a quickie tutorial video on my instagram page. As this is my first attempt on hairstyles, I am not sharing the tutorial, I am simply sharing the hairstyles. You people can always give me feedback and help me improve my posts.

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A little more commitment!

Hello my dear sweethearts! 💕

I have decided to bid adieu to randomness. A new post shall be added every SUNDAY & WEDNESDAY. Gradually, the frequency is going to increase.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling! 🤗

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How to win a giveaway??

This was the most asked question, especially during my giveaway contest. I got DMs and mails to give a detailed scenario on how a winner is selected and what aspects are looked into. So, today I thought of helping you all out and explaining (from a blogger point of view) how a winner is selected.

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Give away! ~ Celebration (Closed)

A big thanks from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you!! Without you guys, I wouldn’t have reached my first milestone. And there are not one but two reasons to celebrate-

1. 100 likes on my blog

2. Crossing 500 views on my blog

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Yes! I finally moved into my very own house. It’s completely a different feeling. Call it happiness, call it satisfaction or call it excitement, for me it’s a mixture of everything! But shifting ain’t easy, I tell you. It’s been a week now & I am still unpacking.

Slowly & gradually, I am matching up the regular pace and will be back with posts soon. Very soon!

Until next time, stay beautiful and keep smiling!

-Tosom, xoxo ❤️