Faces Ultime Pro Intense Kajal | Review and Demo

A very Happy New Year to everyone! So, this is my first post of 2017 and I am super excited about it. I have been doing Winter Series on my blog and mainly skincare products are included in it. So this time, I’m starting 2017 with a makeup product review and for the first time ever, I have included a look! (hence, the excitement!)😬

I had ordered Faces Kajal last month but it is until recently that I’ve started using it. Let’s jump directly into the review:

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A mini Lipstick Haul πŸ’„πŸ’„ (because one is never just enough!)

There are phases in my beauty craze. Sometimes I keep on buying foundations, sometimes it’s compact powders. This time it is lipsticks. I bought a total of 4 lipsticks, from different brands, having different textures and are different in colours too! So, let’s quickly jump into the details:

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6 Shades of Nude: Lipstick swatches & Mini review

Nudes are so IN these days. Irrespective of the season, mood or time, nude colours have the tendency to fit in the occassion easily! This post is going to be about my nude lipsticks’ collection. I have also inserted swatches so that you can have a better idea about the colours. There are total of 6 lipsticks and a nude gloss which goes with all of them. All of these are perfect for daily and office wear. Continue reading “6 Shades of Nude: Lipstick swatches & Mini review”

My kajal collection

I think kajal was the first ever makeup product launched. I think so! Because as far as I can trace down my memory, kajal seems to be the first and the only makeup product I used to use. Since childhood I’ve incorporated the use of kajal to an extent that my eyes used to feel naked if I had not lined them with kajal. This was the situation way back in school. So now, I guess, you guys have understood my “love and love” relationship with kajal. Continue reading “My kajal collection”