Lakme Blush & Glow facewash review

So, this product was picked up by my husband during one of our trips to supermarket. Now that we’ve used it for more than a week, I think I can give my comments about the product.

Blush & Glow is a new launch by Lakme. There are two variants available: peach and strawberry. I got the peach variant.

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Loving, these days! #post1

Hello sweet hearts!đŸ’•

I cannot do monthly favourite posts because, honestly, sometimes I donot stick to a product even for a month. đŸ˜† The products I use depend upon weather or my skin behaviour or just my mood or all of these! So there is no point in running after the favourite ones because they might change in the next blink of my eye. đŸ˜‰

All I can do is make a post of products that I enjoy using, at present. Yes, that’s actually better because I simply cannot be in a lifetime relationship with any beauty product! đŸ˜œ Starting with the first post in the series:

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Acne ~ how to tame the beast?

How many times have we craved for a crystal clear skin, striven for it and when are just about to achieve it, wake up the next morning with a pimple on face!! đŸ˜³ Umpteen times, right? So let us learn to tame these so that the next time they appear, we know how to get rid of them, as soon as possible. đŸ˜‰

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ColorĂ©ssence Intense Long Wear Lip Colour

Initially I purchased this just because of the packaging! It looks so classy plus black is the new ultimate Class! Do you agree with me?? đŸ˜‰ Also, I never owned a colorĂ©ssence lippie before, so I thought why not! Read on more to find out whether I am happy with my purchase or mad at myself for buying this.

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