Lakme Blush & Glow facewash review

So, this product was picked up by my husband during one of our trips to supermarket. Now that we’ve used it for more than a week, I think I can give my comments about the product.

Blush & Glow is a new launch by Lakme. There are two variants available: peach and strawberry. I got the peach variant.

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A mini Lipstick Haul 💄💄 (because one is never just enough!)

There are phases in my beauty craze. Sometimes I keep on buying foundations, sometimes it’s compact powders. This time it is lipsticks. I bought a total of 4 lipsticks, from different brands, having different textures and are different in colours too! So, let’s quickly jump into the details:

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Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer review (Plus a secret & a fact!)

Hello my sweethearts! It was a tedious week because of which I was unable to post. But now, that things have sorted out, I am back with the latest launch from Lakmé. I first came to know about the primer on an Instagram page (which I don’t remember) and a couple of days later, I saw in in one of the videos of Youtuber Shreya Jain (@sjlovesjewellery). I knew I had to buy it! 😍 So I went ahead and bought it the same day.

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Lakme Absolute Precision Eye Artist Liner review

Well, it’s my FIRST ever Limited Edition buy! Jee haan ☺️☺️

I am not sure whether it is a new product but it’s new to me. I was in search of a deep but distinguishable from black kind of a blue eyeliner-cum-kohl. So, after swatching it, I liked the colour hence bought. Simple!

So, Let’s just jump into the review.

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My kajal collection

I think kajal was the first ever makeup product launched. I think so! Because as far as I can trace down my memory, kajal seems to be the first and the only makeup product I used to use. Since childhood I’ve incorporated the use of kajal to an extent that my eyes used to feel naked if I had not lined them with kajal. This was the situation way back in school. So now, I guess, you guys have understood my “love and love” relationship with kajal. Continue reading “My kajal collection”