Night time skin care routine | Simple and effective

Hola my dear sweet hearts πŸ’•! Now that Diwali is gone, I am slowly gearing up to my daily routine. πŸƒπŸ» These days I am getting more and more obsessed by skin care. I think there are phases in my life~one fine day I give more importance to makeup while the other days I am concentrating only on skin care.

Today, being in the latter phase, let me share my night skin care routine with you all. First and foremost, I am a super lazy fellow. Hence my routine is very simple and minimalist. I use only those products which are absolutely essential. The ones which can be ignored, are already ignored! 😜😜 I have bifurcated the entire process in steps. So let’s dive directly into the routine.

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Nykaa haul & a love letter <3

Happiness is getting your order in less than 24 hours!! Yes, and this is a heavenly feeling. I was so impatient about getting the products and Lo! I got them within the blink of an eye. All thanks to Nykaa. And I am so in love with this website that I literally wrote a love letter to these guys for their commendable job. Continue reading “Nykaa haul & a love letter <3”

Summer Makeup routine (Oily skin)

Summer is at it’s peak! With temperature rising to as high as 42 degrees, it becomes impossible to not to sweat and get oily faced. No makeup, irrespective of the brand or texture fails to impress at this time. So instead of layering more products and end up looking caked up, it’s time to go minimalist and stay care free.Β  Continue reading “Summer Makeup routine (Oily skin)”

6 Shades of Nude: Lipstick swatches & Mini review

Nudes are so IN these days. Irrespective of the season, mood or time, nude colours have the tendency to fit in the occassion easily! This post is going to be about my nude lipsticks’ collection. I have also inserted swatches so that you can have a better idea about the colours. There are total of 6 lipsticks and a nude gloss which goes with all of them. All of these are perfect for daily and office wear. Continue reading “6 Shades of Nude: Lipstick swatches & Mini review”

Mini Haul

Hello World! These days I am literally stopping myself from splurging on makeup products. I have this habbit of buying whatever I see on the counter. So, I have combined patience management and splurging management. Now I try to buy only those products that are completely essential. Based upon my new management techniques, I bought some stuff during my recent visit to Phoenix mall, Pune.Β  Continue reading “Mini Haul”