Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser-Cocoa Radiant | Winter Series

Wish you a very Happy Winter my sweethearts!! 😘😘

Continuing the series, today I am going to make one more addition to it. It is none other than the newest moisturiser in town which is actually a spray! I was super excited, the moment, when I saw its advertisement for the first time on television. I instantly knew I had to try it out & Nykaa was my only destination. 😍

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Lakme Blush & Glow facewash review

So, this product was picked up by my husband during one of our trips to supermarket. Now that we’ve used it for more than a week, I think I can give my comments about the product.

Blush & Glow is a new launch by Lakme. There are two variants available: peach and strawberry. I got the peach variant.

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Acne ~ how to tame the beast?

How many times have we craved for a crystal clear skin, striven for it and when are just about to achieve it, wake up the next morning with a pimple on face!! 😳 Umpteen times, right? So let us learn to tame these so that the next time they appear, we know how to get rid of them, as soon as possible. πŸ˜‰

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Clean & Clear natural bright facewash review

Hello my dear sweethearts! Today I am going to review a variant of the product which almost every oily skinned person loves. Clean & Clear is just like a staple brand of India, every house has at least one of its product. Also, the some of their products are extremely helpful for oily skin and this is the only reason that every new product of their’s is welcomed with high expectations.

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Sunscreen for oily skin!!

I had almost given into the feeling that sunscreens are NOT meant for oily skinned people. Because after using sunscreens from almost every brand, I had developed a hate & hate relationship with them. Their texture was thick, felt greasier when applied and always tend to break me out. So instead of applying a sunscreen, I would wrap my face with a scarf whenever I used to travel in sun. I know I was completely wrong but I was left with no choice whatsoever.

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